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Row, Burpee, T2B/PullUp

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CrossFit Spokane – CrossFit


4-6 min Foam Roll

Spend sometime focusing on Thoracic Mobility

(Flexion, Extension, Rotation…)

300m Row

10 Mtn Climbers

RLC Plank Hold 30 sec each

300m Row

20-30 sec R/L Samson Stretch

Hollow Hold/Rock 20-30 sec

20-30 each

Pass Through


Goblet Squat


2 sec Pause Clean Complex

2 sec Pause Below Knee

2 sec Pause Hang Position

1 Hang Clean

1 Power Clean
3-4 x Complex


2-3 x 3 Rep Clean


The goal of the complex is to reinforce “Good” position, I always say “Practice Perfect” .

There is no point to attempt more weight if we are not making any progress with form first.

Do 2 warm up set then get to a weight you can comfortably use for the complex with proper form.

Add weight as you go and form allows.

After your 3-4 working sets take 2-3 attempts at a 3 reps clean.

Clean (3, 3, 3)


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)


27/20 Calorie Row

27 Burpees

27 Pull-ups

Rest 4 minutes


21/15 Calorie Row

21 Burpees

21 Toes to Bar

Rest 4 minutes


15/10 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

15 Pull-ups

Bringing the intensity here with short interval work. The variation on the pull-up bar for each round should be something that athletes feel comfortable doing at least 10 without dropping in the workout if they absolutely needed to. Stagger groups on opposite 4-minute intervals if short on rowers.
RX+) C2B

Lvl1) Banded Pull Up, Leg Raise, Sit Up…