Fat Loss

Fat loss is a common goal, learn all the tools to make that happen.
Have you jumped from diet to diet and struggled to lose weight? You are not alone.
Crossfit Spokane’s philosophy on fat loss is steady and sustainable.

Fat loss is the most common goal for many people and the ideal program starts with your nutrition: You are what you eat. You can’t starve yourself to health and fitness. A healthy and balanced nutrition program is at the foundation of fat loss. Regardless of how often or how hard you workout you won’t out train a bad diet. Our nutrition and fat loss program will continually move you towards your goals and be sustainable.

Our nutrition and fat loss program has a few key components to be long lasting & safe:

  • Daily Habits
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Appropriate Exercise

If you want to lose fat and get lean, then look no further. This is where we are different from the rest – by providing you with an individually tailored program consisting of a mix of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training using weights, and different equipment throughout your workouts you are guaranteed to lose body fat, reach your goals and be happy.