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Our Programs

At CrossFit Spokane, we offer a variety of programs to fit your training needs. From Group CrossFit to Barre class, we have something for everyone. Break the monotony and get the results you want without the boredom you hate. Fitness should be fun. Sign up for your FREE intro session now!

  • CrossFit

    The aim of our daily CrossFit workouts is to improve your life outside of the gym by improving your fitness. Each training session you will use a variety of functional exercises combining strength training and metabolic conditioning. During your 1-hour training time we focus on 3 things: Keeping you safe, Making it fun and Giving you a great workout. Every workout is different, so you will never get bored. One of our coaches will be there to customize the workout for you, so you get the most out of each training session regardless of your fitness level.


    • See pricing below.
  • Beginner Series

    The Beginner Series is designed to introduce newcomers to the fundamental movements and concepts of CrossFit. This program is 6 classes over a 2-week period which emphasizes skill development and exposure to the basic elements. Once the Beginner series is completed you are able to join any of our fun, effective and community-based training times.

    Completion of the Beginner Series or 4 one on one Personal Training Sessions is a requirement for all individuals prior to joining regular CrossFit classes. Exceptions may apply to individuals with a Level 1 CrossFit Certificate, individuals who have completed an equivalent Beginner Series at another CrossFit affiliate, or individuals who have maintained at least 6 months of membership at another CrossFit affiliate. You must be able to provide proof of CrossFit experience for exceptions to apply.

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Nutrition is the single biggest factor when it comes to feeling better, moving better and looking better. Whether your goal is improved health, fat loss, muscle gain or a combination of them; better nutrition is at the core of your success. Every person is different in what works for them. Foods, lifestyle, schedule, workout routine and frequency…  All these things have to be considered.

    We don’t just offer you a cookie cutter nutrition plan Like the Zone, Paleo, Keto… We teach you how to eat in a way that works best for your body. We keep you accountable and on track through weekly in-person meeting, nutrition tracking, body composition tracking, daily emails / tasks and habit development.


    • $100 - Month to Month
    • $75 - 6-12 month Commitment
  • Gonzaga (CrossFit Class)

    The GU CrossFit Class is offered each semester (Fall / Spring) through Gonzaga University.  Students who are interested in the program and participating in CrossFit will register through the University.  You will receive 1 college credit for completing the class.

    • 3 x Per Week


      per month

      • All rates include 8.8% WA sales tax.
      • 3 Classes per Week (No Open Gym)
      • Discounted Rate:
      • $140/month (Student/police/fire/military)
    • Unlimited


      per month

      • All rates include 8.8% WA sales tax.
      • Unlimited access to All Classes (Includes Open Gym)
      • Discounted Rate:
      • $160/month (Student/police/fire/military)
    • 1st Month w/ 4 x Personal Training


      Personal Training Intro + Unlimited

      • All rates include 8.8% WA sales tax.
      • 4 x 1hr Individualized Personal Training Sessions
      • Unlimited access to All Classes (Includes Open Gym)


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