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Member of the Month

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Meet our February “Athlete of the Month”

Sarah Abercrombie


Since Sarah has started with us here at Crossfit Spokane we have watched her transform before our eyes. Although the process always seems slow, it is a true testament that trusting the process is so important. She never seems to stress about where she is going in her fitness journey, she just does what she is told, makes the tweaks in her diet and just lets the hard work do its job. As a matter of fact she was so into just letting it happen she didn’t even realize until several months after joining she had lost a total of 45# without even paying attention to the scale! It is a joy to watch athletes like her transform! After getting to sit down and interview her, I found that she is just as awesome outside the gym as she is inside.


(CFS) Tell me a little about where you grew up and your family:

(S) I grew up in Southern California in Orange County. I have three older brothers who I am very close to. Some of the best memories of my childhood are the ones of my three brothers and I playing outside from sun up to sun down.

(CFS) What brought you to Spokane?

(S) I came here to study mechanical engineering at Gonzaga Univ. I like to work on old cars and hoping one day to get into aerospace engineering.

(CFS) Why did you decide to start at CFS?

(S) My brother had been doing Crossfit and I noticed that GU offered a Crossfit class so I signed up. Once I decided how much I loved it, I paid to add on the extra days aside from the 2 days I was doing through GU. That was fall semester of 2015.

(CFS) What has been your biggest accomplishment with CFS?

(S) My brother had brought up the hero WOD “Murph” in conversation once and it sounded brutal and I thought it was a workout I would never be able to do. Well, I showed up for class one day last summer and it was on the board. I ended up doing the whole workout and it felt so good to accomplish something I never thought I could do.

(CFS) Who inspires you?

(S) My brothers inspire me. Growing up as not only the youngest sibling, but also the only girl out of 4 kids, they always pushed me to do my best. We always had some kind of healthy competition going on between us.



(CFS) What is your current CF goal?

(S) Those darn DU’s! I am almost there! Also, improve my strict pull up.

(CFS) What are your most and least favorite movements?

(S) Heavy back squats are my favorite. I have strong legs so squatting

is fun for me. My least favorite are cleans because I feel I haven’t mastered the technique.

(CFS) What brings you joy?

(S) Just hanging out with family and friends. Even if it’s just chatting on the phone with them.

(CFS) What is your favorite food?

(S) Growing up in Southern California I developed a love of Mexican food; especially carne asada tacos!

(CFS) You told me you studied abroad in Italy. Can you tell me a bit about that trip?

(S) I love to travel and decided to study abroad through GU. We spent 4 ½ months in Florence, Italy learning about the History of the Rulers of Florence. It was amazing!

(CFS) What is your favorite memory?

(S) My family took our annual trip to Mammoth California and I wanted to mountain bike with my brothe

r. He agreed I could go with him if I could keep up and that his challenge to me was to touch my front tire to his back tire while on the trail. Despite my mother’s concerns, after overhearing the conversation, I took on the challenge a

nd although we didn’t end up touching tires, I kept up. It was very challenging, but made for a great memory.



(CFS) How have you changed both mentally and physically since starting at CFS?

(S) When I first started I didn’t take it real serious. I just did what I was told to do in class and didn’t do much with fixing the way I was eating. Even without changing the diet I was noticing some changes in my body, so I decided to see what would happen if I changed it up by pushing myself a little harder and cleaning up the my diet .That’s when I really noticed the change in how I looked and felt. I then realized how important good

nutrition is. Since starting at CFS I have a whole new outlook on what I eat and how important it is along with learning how to push myself.

(CFS) What is your biggest piece of advice for current and future CFS members?

(S) Ignore the negative talk in your head. Push yourself!