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Meet Blaine and Rebecca: November’s Athlete(s) of the Month

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Blaine and Rebecca are our Athletes of the Month for November. They are so much fun to coach and train! I believe that it is because of their positive attitude and willingness to try anything that helps them succeed everyday. They have fun with every challenge and enjoy spending time together inside our doors getting more healthy and fit every day as a couple. I had a chance to sit down with them and find out a little more about them this last week.


1) Where did you two meet?
They met at a martial art studio about 3 years ago. Blaine mentioned that Rebecca would show up with only a few minutes to spare before class each day so he started setting her stuff out for her so she would be set up for class when she walked in. (isn’t that the cutest??)

2) How long have you been married? They just recently got married this last summer on August 6, 2016

3) What are your occupations?
Blaine: middle school Special Ed teacher at Shaw Middle School
Rebecca: Occupational Therapist

4) What motivated you to come to CFS?

Blaine was a power lifter for much of his life. He got really good/strong at the deadlift, squat and bench press but wanted to up his fitness level. He had shoulder surgery a year and a half ago and also wanted to gain strength and mobility in his shoulders again.

Rebecca has done Crossfit here and there a few times over the years and found that it always provided her with a good foundation to fitness. She decided to join us at CFS and commit to doing it for good this time.

5) How long have you been a member? June 2016, so going on 6 months now

6) What has been your greatest accomplishment at CFS?

Blaine and Rebecca both had the common accomplishment of climbing a rope just recently, which they had never been able to do.

Blaine is also working on handstand progressions and getting much better which has been a huge accomplishment since coming out of recovery from his shoulder surgery.

Rebecca also recently PRd on her back squats, which she was pretty excited about!

7) Who/what inspires you?

Blaine: getting better at things he doesn’t like doing inspires him.

Rebecca: Other strong woman are an inspiration, especially the ones that she workouts out with in the classes. Having woman stronger than her or faster than her around her inspires her to push harder. She mentioned that Blaine’s strength and dedication to his fitness are very inspiring to her. (awe)

8) What are you current CF goals?

Blaine: Deadlift 475#

Rebecca: To get one Kipping HSPU

9) What are your least/most favorite movements?

Blaine: Least favorite movement is the thruster or wall ball. Most favorite movement is the deadlift. He mentioned that there is no cheating on the deadlift; you either pick it up all the way or you don’t! (good point Blaine!)

Rebecca: By themselves Wall Balls and Box Jumps don’t bother Rebecca but combine them in a workout and they become her least favorite movements. Her favorite movement is the Overhead Squat, for no particular reason, she just loves them.

10) Has doing Crossfit as a couple impacted your relationship in any way?

Absolutely! They work opposite shifts and don’t have a lot of time together. Doing Crossfit is a bonding activity for them and keeps them from vegging out in front of the TV instead. They also are more health conscious and eat out less.

11) Favorite splurge?
In terms of bad food, Blaine says he could eat a box of sugary cereal in one sitting! (he doesn’t do this often. Haha)
Their favorite splurge right now is the money they invest in paying for HomeChef meals. It’s a recipe/meal planning service that gives them the flavor of eating out, but without the hefty price tag and it’s healthy and home cooked. And of course when working opposite shifts, enjoying a day off together is a splurge for them!

12) Any words of advice for your fellow or future CFS members?

Blaine: Be willing to do the stuff you don’t enjoy doing.

Rebecca: Don’t feel bad about being last. If you came, you gave it your all and did your best then you should be proud.

Thank you Blaine and Rebecca and congratulations on being CFS’s athlete(s) of the month!!