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Partner KBS & Squats

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With Your Partner

1000 meters for time (Split between two partners)


2 Rounds

8 Leg overs

8 Up and Over

30 Med Ball Sit Up Pass (total)

Stretch as needed

1000m Partner Row (Time)

1000 meters for time split between two partners.

-5 rounds each on the rower, looking to land exactly on 100 meter intervals until the screen says 1000 meters.

-There will be a penalty for the partner who gets off the rower for every meter they are under or over the 100 meter interval.

-For example, if they land at 97 or 103, penalty is 3 burpees.

-Partner getting on the rower must wait until their partner completing the penalty is finished before they begin rowing.

-They can sit ready on the erg as they wait.


Shoulder Press

40,50,60 % 65,75,85%

5,5,5 5,5,5+


Partner 400 KBS / 200 Squat (Time)

Team of 2 completes 400 KBS and 200 Air Squat.

This is an “I Go / You go”

Each partner has to do the same amount of reps unbroken each set.

Example P1 does 20 KBS partner P2 does 20 KBS

Penalty for not doing the same is 3 Burpees for each uncompleted rep before continuing

RX+) 44/26

RX) 35/18

Lvl1) 26/12
This can be done in any order or combination of movements.

200 KBS/100 Squat (Time)

200 American KBS

(RX 35/18 RX+ 44/26)

100 Air Squats
This can be done in any order or combination of movements.