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January Athlete of the Month: Dan Fratini

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fullsizerender2Wow!! It’s January 2017 and we are already a week into the new year filled with new goals and new expectations.  I am excited to share our athlete of the month with you, Dan Fratini, who will maybe help convince you that it’s never too late to set those goals and expectations for yourself. Dan has been with us for quite some time and I believe that it’s safe to say that Dan wasn’t just making a new year’s resolution but more of a way to boost the quality of his life. Dan is such a joy to have inside our door. This week I got the chance to catch up with him and find out the why and what that keeps him going.

(CFS) Where did you grow up?

(Dan) I grew up SW of Pittsburg PA, by the West Virginia border and went to college at Bucknell University. After college I moved to New Jersey for work followed by some time in Illinois, and then moved here, to  Spokane, WA in 2003. (Dan says this is by far his favorite place to live and I don’t blame him a bit!)

(CFS) What is your occupation?

(Dan) I was a business owner and now retired. I am now enjoying my time being a wanderer and adventurer!


(CFS) How long have you been a member at CFS?

(Dan) 7 years as of May 2017

(CFS) What motivated you to come to CFS?

(Dan) My wife, Sheri, and I were working out at Gonzaga University’s gym and she was getting ready to retire from teaching there so we were going to need to find a new facility to work out at. Some of Sheri’s students that were CFS members invited us to come try it with them. I fell in love, and stuck with it.

(CFS) How has Crossfit improved your life?

(Dan)Well, I just skied 25km yesterday. Today I woke up feeling great and ready for another adventure. Crossfit offers me a quality of life that provides me the ability to do things I want to do without limitations.  Crossfit brings in a whole body approach that gets me waking up every day ready to go. I don’t have the aches and pains that many men my age (58 years young) complain about. I feel great!

(CFS) What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

(Dan) I would say the greatest accomplishment is that fact that I still hit PR’s (personal records) despite the fact that I am aging and the theories that state men my age lose muscle and fitness. In fact, I have had just the opposite happen since starting Crossfit. As a person who has always enjoyed staying active in many ways, I have found that I have developed strength, speed, stamina and stability that I didn’t have before Crossit.

(CFS) Who/What inspires you?

(Dan) Just knowing that I always do MY best is what inspires me.


(CFS) What is your current CF goal?

(Dan) My goal is to always maintain my benchmark weights and times. I want to be able to do Crossfit as long as possible; I don’t want to ever not be able to do it.

(CFS) What is your most favorite and least favorite movement or workout?

(Dan) My favorite workout is “Cindy” (as many rounds as you can do in 20 minutes of 5 pull ups, 10 pushups and 15 squats). It is one of the best full body workouts we do. I like that I can try to maintain or beat my score every time we do it. If given the choice, I pick this workout to do whenever I have the chance.

My least favorite would be the mile run we did a little while back with the 20 pound medicine ball. That was awful!

(CFS) What brings you joy?

(Dan) Adventures and travels with Sheri, my wife. We love traveling and being outside. We spend about 100 nights a year in our camper visiting different places and enjoying the outdoors.

(CFS) What is your favorite food?

(Dan) Just recently I discovered this smoked pepper mackerel that Trader Joe sells and I have been eating that with a salad fairly often and it is delicious. I never get sick of a good piece of fish and a salad; I could eat it every day.

(CFS) What advice would you give for our current and future CFS members?

(Dan) First, I would say to be sure to track your workouts. You want to be able to look back and see how far you have come. Second; always ask the coaches for advice. They are there to help you succeed, so don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way. Lastly, set realistic expectations for yourself. Find goals that are attainable along the way.