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6 Week Winter Sports Conditioning Program

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 Spring Sports Are Coming.

Time to Get Ready


-Improved Performance

-Decreased Injury

-Increase Strength, Power and Speed


The CFS Sports Performing training program has been designed from the ground up to take you to the next level, whether you’re just going into middle school, high school or about to play in college.
From day one, you will be given exactly what you need to get results as quickly as possible.
Because each athlete is unique, our coaching process allows
the program to be modified for every athlete based on their goals, needs and abilities.
This customization will make sure your current strengths are maintained and your weaknesses corrected.

Every training session will include:

  • Mobility and flexibility training so you can move better and stay healthy
  • Speed & agility training so you can accelerate and change direction as quickly as possible – 10x faster than the competition
  • Power development training so you can be the most explosive player around – play after play
  • Strength training so you can always have the upper hand. With all else equal, the stronger athlete will ALWAYS win.
Unlike other programs where kids are left to learn on their own, we make sure every athlete gets the individual attention they need to master these skills and get the most benefit.

The Winter program begins Monday January 16th

Training time is Mon/Wed/Fri 3-4pm.

Cost per Athlete



With the CFS High School program, you will head into your next season a completely different athlete – better prepared, more confident, and ready to dominate.




We follow 3 main principle for athletic development:

Solid Nutrition

Sound & SAFE Programming

Recovery & Growth


Build a healthy Nutritional foundation:

Any athlete looking to succeed needs to understand how to eat – both for performance and body composition. Fat slows down an athlete, and the food choices that lead to being overweight also slow down the brain as well. Eating clean will help with all aspects of an athlete’s career.


Train Smart:

Getting better is not always about being pushed through the most grueling workout. Using the latest research, our training programs have helped athletes make game-changing, head-turning improvements in speed, first-step quickness, sport-specific agility, safely developed strength, all while helping them drastically lower their risk of injury so they have more fun, stay on the field, and have even more success.



Most students and athletes live very stressful lives, and simply do not do what they need to in order to recover. Sleeping better, destressing, and using proper physical recovery methods will mean better performance and less injuries, all season long.