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Matt doing some kettlebell swings. Brian doing a great OHS. Angela working on her ring dips and getting some encouragement.The cheering section during Saturdays WOD.We did a workout on the corner of Misson and Ruby this past Saturday (the comedy club). We had lots of looks, a couple of honks…


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Alex doing some presses on the GHD, surprisingly difficult. Haily focused. "Eye of the tiger Rock, eye of the tiger" Patti hydrating after her workout TR and Shawn (Valley Fire Department) post WOD. SHOCK getting ready for their next game 11/0 so far on the season.We started classes on Monday…


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Brandon doing the 400m over head walk with half body weight (105lb). Patrick returning from his 400m walk with 85lbs. Tyler heading out on the 800m sand bag carry half body weight (90lbs). Jon finishing sled drag (body weight). Patrick returning from sled drag with about 165lb tire sled. (exhausting)Saturday…